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Keynote Speaking Programs:

I'd be pleased to discuss presenting my program, "John Moran's Journal of Light: A Photographer's Search for the Soul of Florida," as a keynote speaker for your conference or event.

Since leaving the world of daily journalism in 2003, I've become a sponsored speaker with the Florida Humanities Council, as well as an in-demand keynote speaker for the Florida convention industry, presenting dozens of programs each year.

I've gotten solid reviews to my programs around Florida for a wide range of civic, professional and environmental conferences ranging in size to more than 1,000 people. You can see a slide show preview of my Journal of Light book, on which my speaking programs are based, here.

My background as a journalist and visual storyteller has enabled me to craft a program that is much more than just a collection of pretty pictures. My programs offer a memorable look at a Florida seldom seen, and interweave adventure narrative, natural history and excellent photography, delivered with passion and humor by a professional speaker.

A highlight was presenting for the 25th anniversary of Leadership Florida in Palm Beach, where I shared the stage with fellow keynoters Bob Graham, Charlie Crist, Tom Brokaw and Colin Powell.

I have seen that pictures can reach people in ways that words alone cannot, and I leave my audiences with a message of inspiration and hope--always valuable commodities in uncertain times. Here are some quotes from my testimonial letters:

"The word around here is that you knocked everybody's socks off. No kidding, John; mine too. Not only is your photography exquisite, but you are a storyteller par excellence. Thanks for making our benefit so special."

"You have a very wonderful and powerful message."

"To say I was impressed with this evening's program would be an understatement. The beauty of your photography is rivaled only by the lyrical quality of your commentary. Thank you for sharing your passion and your gift."

"We have received more compliments and raves about your presentation than any other."

"...a welcome break from all the technical papers presented at the conference."

"Your presentation was like nothing I have ever seen."

"It's folks like you that inspire all of us to keep working at saving our wild places."

"In fact, one of the sponsors who provided a large chunk of money for the conference had tears streaming down his face after you ended your presentation."

"I was blown away by your wonderful presentation and passionate speech."

A healthy, sustainable environment is essential to the good life, no matter how you define or envision it. I show people either the natural Florida they've never seen, or familiar Florida in an unfamiliar way. My goal is simply to leave my audience in awe of Florida's natural grandeur, and to inspire deeper appreciation and stewardship for our planet and state. I hope to have the chance to show you what I can do for your audience.

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