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John Moran
email: JohnMoranPhoto@gmail.com

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Please contact me via email JohnMoranPhoto@gmail.com or telephone (352.373.9718) for further information or to place an order payable by Visa/Mastercard or personal check. I prefer communication by email, which gives us both a written record of the conversation. Please note that I am a staff of one, and my travel schedule may preclude an immediate response to your query. Orders may take from one day to several weeks to fill.

Your Photo Suggestions
I'm working on a long-term book and exhibit project to photograph the flora, fauna and geography of each of Florida's 67 counties. It's a big, ambitious project to be titled John Moran's Florida: One State, Many Worlds. I welcome your suggestions of Florida photo subjects and locations. I'm also looking to expand my stable of friends around the state who host and guide me to the good stuff--subjects and locations I may never have found on my own. For their part, my hosts and guides often get a quality shared adventure and a free photo tutorial (and if the photo shoot goes well, courtesy prints for their walls).

Contract Photography
I welcome your queries concerning contract photography assignments to photograph Florida natural areas.

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